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I have bought an arabic oud a few days ago and now I am intended to buy strings. I have studied about the Pyramid strings (650) looks like decent ones. The problem is that these strings are supposed to be used in C G A d g c tuning, and I want to use the CFAdgc tuning. Do you think something will take damage or sound bad if I tune the pyramid strings in the C F A d g c tuning instead?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

ashiq mehedi:
The 650 set is a good one. It is fine in that tuning. Generally speaking, you can't damage the oud by tuning lower, only by tuning higher.

Do you have any experience with Pyramid oud strings sets 650 and 665 on ouds with 58.5 cm strings length , based on C cc arabic tuning. I have some problems with it.

Personally I would like the 650 set on 58.5cm ouds. I like the lower tension that results. The stated tension of that set is 3.8Kg at 61.5cm or thereabouts, but I generally prefer around 3.3-3.5kg, so it works out.

I like the 3rd and 6th course of the 665 set but the rest are too heavy IMO.

The OU80A set is actually good in the context but you need to get a low C; .044in LaBella is good.


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