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I recently picked up an oud at a Flea market for $55 dollars. I didn't know much about the oud before buying the instrument. After researching about oud on the Internet I have now fallen in love with the music that can be made with the instrument.

I have so many questions to ask and did not know where to post my questions so I'm posting them here.
One thing i'm wanting to know about is how to keep my oud tuned? The knobs are very hard to turn and they slip a lot .
I also would like to find out more info on what type of oud I may have and what strings I should buy?

I have a picture I took of my oud .I hope the pictures help with some of my questions.

Thank you

I have recently bought a new oud. But face a problem with tuning. My new strings keep going on tune. How do I get them to stabilize?

Thanks in advance.

This problem is common with all string instruments: New strings need to be stretched first.

You have to tune your oud with new strings every day for some weeks until all strings are stretched to its stable state. You may feel the difference.
The stretching fades sometimes. - But it never stops. When stretching increases again it will break. That marks the end of lifetime of a string. Then be aware to renew it.

Hi, Hold on for some days man. Ordinarily strings take some time to stretch in and come to a stable pitch. Pull the string sideways across the face of the oud a bit and retune. After twelve or so times, the string will be stretched in and hold its pitch.

I bought a new Oud and I cannot tune it. Each time I tune one string, within few seconds the keys turn and that string is not tuned any more. Is there a trick to this or this is just a bad quality Oud?

Please help



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