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Learn Pull off !!


White Bear:
Want to learn a new one? Why are you delaying? Let's start it !
Pull-off an open string:
Simply use a finger from your left hand to pluck the string.

Pull-off a fingered note:
Hold down a note on the fingerboard then pluck with another finger while holding down the other note. The position of the finger doing the plucking should be at the location of the next note in the maqam higher than the note you are holding down.

So if you are holding down your high D note with your index finger on the high C string as shown in the video, and you are playing Maqam Bayati on D, then your second finger executes the pull-off in the general area of E quarter flat.

Tips for success:

Practice playing downstrokes and then taking your finger off the note you played. This is one of the most common ways to practice pull-offs. Now take a look at this.

Big Boss:
Here's advanced hammer on pull off! Take a look guys!


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