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Tremolo pull off!


Tremolo pull off is a tremolo that starts on one note and pulls off to the note below the first note and where the last stroke of the tremolo plucks pthe note being pulled off to.


Tremolo pull off is one of the most common ways of playing melodies in middle eastern music. The concept is also very simple but it can take some time before mastering it.

How to do?

Step 1.

Play tremolo on one note, letís say Bb. Play it with your second finger and hold your first finger (index finger) on the A note.

Step 2.

Hold tremolo for the desired amount of time.

Step 3.

Pull off your second finger and allow the last stroke of the tremolo to hit the A note.

What's Next?

Now take a simple melody and add tremolo pull offs to when you can. A good place to try adding tremolo pull offs is when you see descending 8th notes in a piece.
You can also take the steps summarized above, reverse them, and play what I call a tremolo hammer on.

Big Boss:
Yeah! Great overview regarding tremolo pull off. here's a video link of tremolo pull off. It may help you further.

Hi, Great information. But I have a question. Which Oud is best for tremolo pull off?

* full quote deleted

You can play tremolo pull off on all types of Ouds.


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