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Members for a project
« on: May 24, 2017, 09:04:13 AM »
Hello, guys!
When I introduced myself, I talked about a game in which I played, regarding embarrassing things...
I was ashamed love Middle-Eastern music... but ok
Anyway, this was the idea which brought me to think... why not really really really? Why not seriously seriously seriously? Why not doing a strange experiment "fighting" (in thoughts)  with all Italians near me, who are really worried about all the horrors of terrorism, which brigns lots of people stereotyping Arabian world culture?
I'm thinking of this for a looooooooooooooooong time, and maybe this is an occasion, since I'm in the right place?
I would love to get some professional musicians here involved on a smule project consisting of contaminations between instruments. Smule is mainly a karaoke application, which is used to sing any kind of songs, through invites. I'll explain better when we can know each other more. So, some friends of mine, on smule, made auditions for songs, and they shared results through a prepared blank recording... so, I thought "why not use blank recordings to record instruments?"
So, I heard lots of Arabophone instruments, and I was like captured... in some seconds... I was like "oh wow! Where I am? Why?", and also singing is really unique. Some (players who sing also/singers) have such a charming voice, and I Always ask myself "is it really difficult to switch on quarter tones so near?". Well, no words!
It has a very strong meaning to me, and all the members. We're from different countries and have different ages. Most of us are under 18
Since this project is internet-based, we have to use cat/call programs
The purpose of the project is to expand capabilities within traditional instruments of some different countries, and to not make them feel like “the traditional instruments are only for tradition”
Yeah, so many groups did it and do it, but the unique thing is that anyone does it on smule, ahahah!
I don't understand much about Arabian music, but I'm trying to learn some pieces, and am fascinated day by day
Sorry if this post may be long, but it's like... my character. I speak very much, and try to be clear
We do this without a commercial purpose, but we'll release an internet blog dedicated to this project in summer of the next year.
These are the requirements
1) If you want to participate, please tell me who you are, where are you from, what instrument you play contacting me through my mail address (, or
2) We need people who can play and/or sing, so, if a player also can sing, he/she's welcome!
3) If you're willing to participate, please send me, through email, a sample of your playing and/or singing
4) If you're capable of improvising, it's also good!
5) All instruments of this kind are welcome!
6) We will know each other also through skype or any chat messaging app!
Regarding the songs, we'll do things step by step, and it'll be also really fun to have improvisations.. There is any programmed stuff, we'll do step by step
I am blind, and music opened me a new and very fascinating world! I really love it, and, a day, I will become a koto player… Koto is a Japanese instrument
I really hope in this!
I use a screen reader to use the computer.
It doesn't matter where you live, because this project, despite it's not a commercial/paid work, is international-related, in fact we’ll collaborate
through the smule, without money (even if smule requires it, but the functions we're using donpt)
Have a nice everything