Author Topic: The beginner seeking to spend close to $200 for any Doumbek.  (Read 1494 times)


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I have been interested in Doumbeks after i very first noticed 1 performed a few in years past. Since that time I have seen numerous Youtube . com movies, drawn on my personal table in order to smithereens as well as grinded lower my personal the teeth tapping away the actual 'baladi' rythm all day long. I can not wait around to obtain my personal on the job 1!

 Therefore right now I have collected regarding $200 set aside for any doumbek as well as I am prepared to draw the actual bring about. Just about all i want is really a focus on: G (Do not move your own eye from me personally whatever you professional drummers... )

I love arabic-style seem, I'd like the CLEANER design (persia style/pattern as well), as well as I am wishing to obtain value. I've a few fundamental queries:
the) Will i proceed brand new or even utilized (and when utilized may be beneficial, that has a great utilized Doumbek with regard to sale/where will i appear?? )
w) I am 6'1". Is really a regular 17" as well little personally?

d) Can there be truly any kind of distinction between your 'new gen' GAF versions and also the old types?



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