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Learn ten Darbuka Rhythms

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Well I found interesting video on Youtube where you can heard excellent Rhytms which you defiantly like it. Check it here:

* full quote deleted

I like that a lot.  I hope some day that Im that good.  It all seems to come so naturally to him.  Hes probably been doing it for awhile.

Oh man! This is incredible rhythms and to be honest it's very hard to do it own but as people said practice make perfect so I will work hard and do my best to get it done.

I'm new to this... so it may be the "noobiness" talking :D but those darbuka rhytms sound amazing! And it doesn't even seem that difficult to play it.Am I right or am I wrong? (seriously, I'm literally asking if it's difficult to play the darbuka :D)

Hi james :)
It's not difficult to play it, but you'd have to practice for a while first. There are different techniques to use when you want to play a certain sound, like how you hold your hand or where to tap the instrument and so on.
You should try it though, it's actually really fun!


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