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Title: Any good teacher lesson plans sights?
Post by: shamimh3732 on January 02, 2015, 07:16:20 AM
I don't know the age of your students, but I taught a similar lesson with customary units to my third grades, and one way that I got them really engaged as an anticipatory set was to give them a ruler and have them measure things in their desks/ classrooms. They loved this!

If you wanted to add the estimation component into the anticipatory set, you could have they make a guess about how long their desk, chair leg, eraser, etc. They could record their guesses. Then they could acually measure those same objects to check their estimations.

For weight, you could do something very similar, but you might have to do it whole class because you probably don't have a class set of scales. It could be really fun whole class though, have students make guesses about the weight of something, and then record those on the booard, then have a student come up and actually measure it and see who was closest. They love that sort of thing.
Title: Re: Any good teacher lesson plans sights?
Post by: Tanvir on January 02, 2015, 08:37:41 AM
That site is really good for worksheets n things to do with the kids...they're fun too! My class really liked them! Good time filler too. You have to pay to belong to this site, but you can get some of their things for free; check out their free trial offer. I do belong to this site - I think it's about $30 a year; they have lots of printable.
Hope I helped!