Author Topic: Hold Darbuka; For new learner's !  (Read 1327 times)

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Hold Darbuka; For new learner's !
« on: December 08, 2015, 10:06:06 AM »
Trying to learn Darbuka ? Now start with a new.
 First things first- how do you hold it? Ok, sit down with the drum resting across your left leg and the drum Ďheadí hitting your right leg. This means the darbuka is now running along the left hand side of your body and you can comfortably rest your left arm down on the drum (reverse everything I say if you are left handed!).

From here the hand is placed straight down onto the drum itself and the finger should be just hanging over the edge a little. At the moment both of your legs are at the same level and the drum can easily fall off your leg. To fix this problem, pull your right foot back a little and your right leg will then be at a lower angle than the left. This uneven position will now hold the drum in place for you. Your left elbow will also make sure it doesnít escape you!