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New Generation Darbuka


Fire Man:
Darbuka has lots of cool features ;). These  are made with the same exacting standards as all Gawharet El Fan instruments, but with slightly different specifications. The New Generation Darbuka are taller and wider than more traditional models, but they also have a unique shape to their bottom lip. If you are looking for something just a little different with the same high quality you expect from Gawharet El Fan, get yourself one of the New Generation Darbuka.NG GEF Darbuka drums are higher and wider with a unique bottom finishing. 17.5" tall.
 Mind blowing Doumbek drums!

Now ceramic darbuka is a cool feature indeed. Ceramic doumbeks produce beautiful tones.  They are a little warmer in timbre than many metal doumbek and are as easy to play as the above mentioned drums.  However, ceramic doumbeks are fragile and thus, are much less durable than any metal doumbek.  If you travel with the ceramic drum, then a padded bag is needed.   For a first doumbek I would NOT recommend a ceramic drum since it is more fragile and less versatile than the metal drums.  After you get your first metal doumbek, and if you enjoy playing, then I would recommend a ceramic drum for it's beautiful, warm tone and physical appearance.


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