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What is the best way to learn about transcribe tunes?


Hey guys, I want to try to transcribe some tunes, but never did it before. What is the best way to learn how to transcribe by using the proper notation? I have always been scared to try it or just to lazy to, but I figure this the best way to develop my phrasing more. When I listen to myself on tape, my phrasing still sounds sloppy and not very creative. So every good drummer or musician for that fact has transcribed in sometime of there development. Any helpful links or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, don't know what you consider "the proper notation", there is no single one, but I know the very problem with that "phrasing" well. Maybe I can help you.

I posted some related stuff a few weeks ago.
Look my Topic: Professional breakdown of a rhythmical pattern

Does it matter!? - So let's talk about first and I could try to understand, what's actually on your mind. Do you agree?

Easy: test yourself. Transcribe some drum parts yourself, then check them against a professional transcription. Rush songs are pretty well documented, and challenging enough.

If you pick up five different books, you'll see five slightly different notations. Pick one that you find to be the most intuitive, and stick with it for a while.

Definitely take your time and make it look pretty. No sense writing something no one can read. Draw filled-in ovals for note heads, and connect upward beams on the right side of the oval, and downward beams from the left side.


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