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Where to find a good teacher?

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Where are the best places to find teachers?  Can they be found here?  Iíve just started taking up the drum and I want to learn.  The problem is, Iím having a difficult time finding a teacher.

Well I will better advice to check on internet as their many teachers are available who can teach us and give some valuable information which will help us to lean it.

Omar Madni:
Frankly speaking I have not been able to find a good teacher because they either have huge charges which I canít afford or they donít really look professional, so whatever I have learned is with help of my Father, as he is a very experience player but otherwise Itís very difficult to find a good teacher.

You will rarely find a teacher instead check Google for help or YouTube, itís the best place from where you will be able to learn A to Z and I donít think there is anything which you canít learn from YouTube, itís definitely the best place for anyone to learn from.

Habib ul hamdi:
There are hardly any place to properly learn these, itís like these amazing instruments are losing their worth and there is no one interested in teaching the new generation this art, itís really sad to see it happening, so we have to learn mostly from online, but just a question from others whether Youtube is good for learning or not?


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