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Advantages and disadvantages to tuning your doumbek?


What would be the pros and cons to tuning your doumbek? Some say there are only cons, is that true? What do you guys think?

Tuning a drum isn't important, provided the skin is applied correctly! So, I too agree that there are no pros to tuning a drum, the important thing is to choose a good one meaning do your research before buying.

If you want to tune your instrument, you can try tuning it and see how it feels, I personally don't see any cons, soI don't know where you got that information, Loona.

Here's a short video showing the correct way to tune a drum:

If you're up for the challenge, try it :)

Saad Ayman:
Thank you Music Fan, itís a really excellent video and help us so much, it is often we are struggling to tune correctly, but after watching this video, I donít think anyone should have any more doubts about it and everything becomes so clear, so thank you for sharing!


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