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Common rhythm heard in recordings

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Hello!  There is a specific rhythm pattern I keep hearing in several recordings I have of Arabic music - some belly dance music and some just percussion ensemble music.  This pattern is based on the Malfouf rhythm for three bars, and then tied off with a fourth bar modification.  So, the sequence would be:  D**T**T*, D**T**T*, D**T**T*, D*D*T***  with that fourth bar being very emphasized and dominant.

I hear this common rhythm as intros, outros, sometimes to transition from one main rhythm to another, etc., but I hear it ALOT!  And not just on the same CD from the same artist, it is pretty widespread.  Is this a commonly used sequence?  Is there a name for it?  Thanks.

Sometimes that pattern is called "Hagala", but this word actually means a dance of some desert tribes in Egypt and Libya. Thereof is a common step used in bellydance and related to this special variation of Malfuf.

Hagala!!  That’s exactly it, thanks.  A quick search on Hagala found me this:

There are also many belly dance instructional videos of this dance explaining the dance move.  It appears to be very popular.  I’m glad I can now recognize not only by rhythmic sound, but also by name for when in conversation :)

So, this brings up another question - this “sequence” Hagala is very popular.  I just received a couple new CD’s in the mail yesterday (Masters of Bellydance Vol 1, and Egyptian Drum Passion) and the Hagala rhythm sequence is heard quite a bit on these two CD’s. 

So now I wonder, are there any other popular sequences used based on modified known rhythm structures?  Perhaps similarly based upon certain dances or folk music?  Thanks.

I cannot tell you for sure now. - Since I had it in a stealth mode, that way:

I often used the break at the end of this pattern to get some structure while training. It comes absolutely natural way. We have same signal in other rhythms too: look Chiftelli or Samai thaqil! - It seems to be, common like Wahda (a strong Doum on first beat). Actually I started the "Semantics" topic to seek for more.

Those state until you asked...


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