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Does an inner ceramic coating improve the sound?


Would an inner ceramic coating improve the sound of a darbuka? Or is that just a myth, and a simple painting job is enough to add a good resonance to the drum?

Actually, I think most darbukas have a good painting job done on the inside, which does help because the paint job gives it a enough smoothness that adds to the resonance of the instrument.

^ That's true.
And I'd like to add that you must be careful when buying from unknown sources, I've read (on various places online) that it is very possible that some darbuka manufacturers will try and charge more for a darbuka with a really good painting job, saying it has a ceramic layer on the inside... be careful!

Sarfaraz Khan:
I think as mention by many people above mostly all the Darbukas have good painting job done on the inside, it automatically helps improve the sound, but still we need to very careful not to buy from unknown place or source, it is also important to buy from someone who has good knowledge about it, so he can pass that info to us, so we make best use of it instead of getting concerned about minor stuff.


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