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help with my new darbuka !! (Hitting the rim)



I finally got my first darbuka last week, in a little store in the Jerusalem market
(I know it's not the best place to find a good one, but I thought I'd find an OK one for a good price...)
So I started listening to classes on Youtube, but I got a problem very fast:
Here for example, I guess his left hand hits the rim with fingers 4-5 and the back of the 1... but when I do it, the sound isn't quite  as powerful, and we barely hear it! 
Is there a technique that I didn't get?
Could it be a problem with my rim that would be too thick? Or do I just have to change a little bit the screws maybe??

thanks for your help !

Hi david, you're welcome. - Don't worry, you need at least some weeks of training to get clear sounds. And you may improve your skills by years..!

Let's look your drum first: It maybe staying untuned coming from bazaar only. To proof the state of the skin, slightly press in it's middle with one fingertip or thumb.
Look the reaction: If whole skin sags, it is too weak, otherwise you'd see some hollow around your finger, while skin actually stays streched up to the edge!

Please read my tuning advice!

Next, how to learn the sounds:

* Begin with open strokes only:
Doum (D), Tekka (TK).
* When you can do strong D while TK sounds similar each to each other, you may continue with closed strokes:
Grab, Slap and closed TK....
* Then try to modulate TK from sound open tone to whispering sounds or loud closed ones at the other end.
* And when you mastered this, then I'd recommend you, to continue with muffled tones like those effect, Aviel is showing in the video.
So, I'm looking forward, you'll become a great drummer!
See you...


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