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Is HE-HEAD-3000 better than other drumheads?


For my own curiosity, why is the HE-HEAD-3000 considered to be of a better quality, compared to other 'regular' drumheads? At least it's what I understand, from reading reviews, but no one seems to specify a reason. Are they more durable or what?

I'll just tell you what I knw: I've heard they are hard to find, which makes me think there's a reason for that. Also, if you're looking for reviews on this type of drumhead, you'll see everyone is more than satisfied with the quality. SO, I'd say it's a good choice.

^ They're not hard to find, you can easily buy them on  eBay or other websites. They're good though, so if you must choose, choose the he-head, they are much more high quality than other similar products.


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