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Learning to play darbuka: notations or play as you feel?


I'm curious how many of you actually follow the notations?
At first, it's difficult to make sense of them, so learning how to play based on what you hear (form learning CD's or videos online) seems easier, but later on, I believe notations are important and every player should learn how to read them!

I don't really understand, of course everyone should follow the notations!
It's ok to learn on your own, but if you don't follow specific notations, there's no way you can learn a song by heart, the correct way. Even the greatest of players follow notations..

If you have to be serious about learning how to play darbuka, you would have to learn how to read the notations. Are you having trouble understanding them or why is it you ask the question?

Where do you guys get your music sheets from? Are you able to read the notations yourselves? Because, Loona's question is actually legit, when you're a beginner, you don't even know how to read them.

Saad Ayman:
Itís obviously very crucial to know how to read notations because without that you will never be able to play smoothly, it is all about been determination and passion, if you have that then you will find it very easy to learn to read notations, but without having much determination, itís not possible.


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