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Must learn rhytms for beginners?

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This is a question for experts, regarding beginners: what are the must learn rhytms a beginner should be familiar with?
I know how to play the darbuka, I'm able to easily follow others (I usually follow darbuka players that upload their videos to youtube), but I'd be curious to find out what would a darbuka teacher teach e newbie.

Well... the first ones I can think about are the Ayub, Malfuf and Maqsum. I find them to be perfect for beginners, it's much easier to learn new rhythms once you master these!

Instead of starting with specific rhythms, I'd suggest a beginner should first learn the proper techniques. There are plenty of online tutorials, with video, on how to correctly use finger techniques and such. And THEN you should learn the rhythms Gary suggested.

@Gary, it's called the Malfouf, you misspelled it.

Back on topic, for those of you who were wondering how do the Ayub, Malfouf and Maqsum sound like, here are some samples:



and Ayoub:

Saad Ayman:
I am no expert but I can tell you that you are nowhere near learning, as there are so many stuff as some of them mention by Gary, so if you are able to find a true teacher you will understand how much one can learn.


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