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Hello fellow drummers,

About two months ago I decided I would try to spend 1-2 hours a day practicing in an effort to improve my drum playing. I would consider myself an intermediate level drummer and I have mainly been looking to improve syncopation, build better limb independence and work on my dynamics.

Unfortunately, I recently moved and for the sake of my neighbors, I can no longer play on my acoustic drum set.

Currently I have been using a pillow to practice rudiments and build hand speed and while I am sure this is partly beneficial, I was hoping for a more permanent solution.

The two main solutions I have considered are either purchasing an electric drum set or getting remo ‘silent stroke’ drumheads and equivalent cymbals.

Before I go out and buy something, I was wondering what these forums thought would be the most beneficial solution--I am open to any an all ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Need a good solution.
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To be honest, for kit drums, an electric drum kit is probably the only way to go if you have fussy neighbours. I think all drummers come to this issue sooner or later, and i've been considering an electric kit myself for when i have the disposable cash to spend on one. Roland is always a decent brand to go with, or so i've heard from fellow drummers who have had to get an electric.

As for hand drumming though, i bought something recently to use as a substitute darbuka/cajon for when it is late at night and i still want to practice. It is pretty much a miniature/travel cajon, but i can sit cross legged on the floor with it propped up like a darbuka. It is the Schlagwerk Cajonito. I tried it first in a music store and instantly bought it because it can be played both quiet and loud - it has great sound. One side of it has a snare effect, and the other is plain, and it also comes with a dampening pad to quieten it further. So, at times where a darbuka or full sized cajon are too loud for those around me, i pick up the Cajonito.