Author Topic: Playing With Old Injuries  (Read 721 times)


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Playing With Old Injuries
« on: October 03, 2017, 10:20:38 PM »
I've been playing a doumbek for about three years on and off. I wish there was no "off" but I have to stop every so often for a long period because of some old injuries. I have a badly healed boxers fracture in my off hand (right hand in my case) and it has a tendency to get inflamed when I play for more than about 2 hours. Even if I play for less than two hours in a day it ends up getting swollen if I practice every day because it is on the ring firger of my right (off) hand. I also have a herniated disc right at my belt line (between L5 and S1 in the image to get a clearer picture) and if I don't have a way to relax my back pretty regularly it becomes quite troublesome. So I have two questions: is there a way I can practice every day without ending up in so much pain I have to take a week off at the very least? And what can I do to support my lower back while I play?

This has become quite a problem, especially when I am in a group. I'll get enthralled by the sounds(and the belly dancers, let's not forget them) and next thing I know my hand cramps or my back suddenly flares into pain and I not only have to stop playing, but often embarrass myself by needing assistance in standing. (which means that usually I have to stop the whole circle to ask someone to help me stand up.) It's very frustrating.