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repalcement Darbuka skin

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i have an 8.5 and 9.5 Darbuka from Syria from my grandma
i need to get a replacement skin for them, what is the correct size,
are synthetics as good as skins. the last time i replaced the skins i used shark skin

does anyone know of a reliable place to purchase the skins


I wonder what's wrong with the shark skins you already have...?!

Commonly synthetics is used with a screwed tuning system. Those skins have a metallen ring, wich inner and outer diameters should fit to the plates and screws around drum head. I've never seen a synthetic skin tied on the drum with rope. Unfortunately the material is stretching and needs an equal tension in all directions - hence it's fitted with the hard equalizing ring.

Natural fish skin seems to be pretty rare these days - i.e., please look our topic
Fish Skin

Hello MATOUK - welcome to the forums!!

My Toca darbuka is advertised as coming with a goat skin head.  So while not fish skin, it is still not synthetic neither.  I would imagine the goat skin may be a bit more durable and pliable than fish skin.  It is the type that uses the collar ring system and not the tied method.

But, I do not know much at all about fish skin heads.  However, Remo makes a synthetic replica of fish skin that may be of interest to you.  I do not itís sound quality, but I read many players like them.

I am happy to say I had much success in replacing my Darbuka skin.
I received it from Hawkdancing Studio through Amazon. I ordered the 14" even though the Darbukas are 8.5 and 9.5" each.

Nice work!  :)


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