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Request of help - rhythms


Brunette Bellydancer:
Hi Guys!
I know that probably this is not the right piace to post this message but I hope you will forgive me.
As told in my little introduction, Iím a Bellydancer and Iím creating my first own coreography on a song.
Iím not so expert regarding darbouka and other instruments, so I would like to ask if anybody could help me with the rythyms.. in this song there are lot of melodic parts and Iím having some problems with some pieces. I think you are the best people to ask!
The song is Dina of Hassan Abou Seoud, this is the link:

I donít clearly understand from minute 0.50 to 1.26 (After itís repeted. I think itís a 2/4) and from 4.51 to 5.19.
Just to be sure.. in the other parts are present saiidi and samae. Donít they?
May I ask you some suggestions to improve my skills and understand better the rhythms?
I really thank you for your help! And sorry again if this post is not suitable.

Hi, dear, I'd actually like to see more requests like yours

Regarding the music:
There's several parts: intro, malfuf (2/4), saidi (4/4), samai (10/4), saidi (again), malfuf (again) and extro.
Good luck for your 1st choreography!

How long have you been a dancer now?

A good learning app, adressed to both - drummers and dancers, you can find here:

Darbuka Rhythms by Artem Uzunov


Brunette Bellydancer:
Dear dHuGo,
Thanks a lot for your help!
My first bellydance lesson was 6 years ago.. unfortunately at the begging you learn how to move and not to listen the music and the rhythms!
Last month I attended some lessons which helped me also with rythmes and melodies ( I tried to play a darbouka for the first time!!)
I still have lot to learn but I have time to improve!
I thank you for the learning app, I will surely look it!
If Itís not a trouble, in the future if I should need help I will ask you again.
In the meantime I follow this forum because itís really intresting!

Brunette, you're welcome!  :)
Me, I started drumming as dancer too - with Salsa styles and Conga drums. It's about 7 years ago, and I cannot stop to do percussion now.

I'm glad to hear your story and I wish you all the best. Don't hesitate to come with more detailed questions. I'm sure it's a lot folks around here, interested in bellydance, me too.


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