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What are the darbuka tones?

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I'm so new to this! So bare with me here please  :D
I understand that there are specific tones one should learn about, when playing the darbuka, what are they? I'm assuming they have nothing to do with the regular piano tones, for instance, since this is a totally different music instrument.
Can someone help and explain this to me?

Hi James, I'm new to this kind of stuff too, but I have read a thing or two about darbukas so, here's what I can tell you: there are basically 3 main tones, the TEK, KA and DOUM. You simply combine these three and create music (or rhythms, better said).
I hope I answered your question! And don't worry about being a newbie, we've all been there :)

Dear friends
At this video you can watch and learn some basic darbuka strokes  ;) ;) ;)

Yep, basically those are it, Guyman!
Combine them and you get music! Sure it looks kinda complicated, you'd have to correctly position your fingers and your hands on the instrument, but it's not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

^ I agree!
Not difficult, IF you get the hand of it!
I almost gave up on learning how to play the darbuka a while ago, but slowly I got used to it. I never played an instrument before so... yeah it was a challenge!


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