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dHuGo: you can see the rating and listen to some examples - but how I would tell you the difference in my own words???

Well, you can hear great sounds with the standard size (Innovation) Darbouka. Those sounds I heard first from Arabic Pop compilations. It was fall 2009 and I had absolutely not any idea of that instrument. - But those sound... Next year, just in Christmas time I had my first contact with a real Darbouka - a mother of pearl Alexandria - and this moment totally grabbed me. - I had no choice else looking for my own new one. But I didn't know anything...

Great link with excellent samples - thank you for sharing this with me.  It sounds like you like the classic size just fine.  I greatly appreciate your experiences!  I still wonder about my own playing.  I mean, I donít know if I ever see myself as a soloist player.  I see myself as the one who holds the rhythm together, playing just the structure of the rhythms - kind of like the glue that holds all together.  Maybe itís not the darbuka, maybe itís the bandir, tar, or duff thatís my fitting.  It seems like the players I see of these instruments are playing the main structure of the rhythms while the darbuka players play the fiery solos on top.  Oh yes, I have seen solos of these instruments, but when played as a group of different drums, they seem to favor the structures.  This is what got me thinking that perhaps a larger than classic size darbuka may be a better style for me.  I was thinking that a dohola might work as it seems more of a rhythm instrument than a solo instrument.  Surely I am still learning of all the different instruments so I very well could be thinking wrong :/

Yes, you're right - let me continue:
I stopped my last posting, even when I was up to tell you, that the Darbouka playing Ė well I mean the role of a Darbouka in a group of several instruments Ė seems to be like that, what are the Bongos in a Latin band.

In professional performances with a standard Darbouka most time we have some background playing and the Doums come from another heavier drum instead. The Doum of the Darbouka is for the communication between players and its main function is to do all the ornaments over the base.

When I choose a New Generation I had a belly dance on my mind, with a single dancer and only me with my drum beside. In that case I felt the Doums of an Innovation should be a bit too weak. Thatís all I had on my mind, I had no idea, if that instrument would fit my wishes and which sounds I could really do. But I may tell you, I didnít regret with my drum. It has good abilities for a different resonant playing. I learnt a lot on various styles Ė however, I failed to stay that stable and fast for a professional challenge.

You can hear the very difference in sounds from the samples. The Innovation comes with sharp Teks, the New Generation can do the Teks more ďsplashyĒ - like water drops hitting the groundÖ I like it - and itís not a problem to do dry sharp tones too.

The body of the New Generation is a bit taller. The plus of metal is at the down counterweighting the head, what gives the instrument a good balance laying over your knee.

Probably thatís all, what can I tell you on advantages of the New Generation.

See you next time!

Thank you for the information and your experience with the New Generation.  It certainly sounds like a great and versatile drum.  So, not quite a Sombaty size but slightly bigger than a Classic.  I do remember you mentioning the dancer friend, but not wanting to get into much detail about that ;)

For now I would like to direct to a thread I started in the appropriate Tar, Bendir, and Daf forum.  I believe this thread may be best to continue there...

Thanks again for all your wonderful assistance!

Just curious, why is Emin Darbuka so expensive??  ???


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