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Title: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: bsfloyd on August 09, 2019, 05:29:43 PM
Hello gang.  With the recent spam activity going on lately (sorry, Iím married and have no interest in dating sites), I thought Iíd start an actual darbuka thread up.

So, other than the obvious the skin reaches the edge of the drum and tuning lugs exposed, what other characteristics separate the Turkish style to Egyptian style darbuka?  I do have one Turkish style Zaza percussion drum but it is a low cost instrument - though it sounds surprisingly great for the money I paid for it.  I noticed the shell is much, much thinner than the GEF and Savvas Egyptian style darbuka I have.  What other characteristics are different?  I would love to be able to afford an Emin Turkish style drum (they sure are purty!), but not just yet.

So, what do you think?  What do you like or dislike about the two different style?
Title: Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: dHuGo on August 10, 2019, 03:12:10 AM
Hi bsfloyd,
I like your optimism - but really - you - married - that hits my world!

To the topic:
I remember a lot of those arguments from time when this forum started.  You may use search button to get some idea.

Me, you can see my Turkish beauty on my Avatar pic at the left. It's absolutely light weighted Aluminium shell. My wife and me, we much like the original engraved ornaments - this masterpiece of handicraft only was worth the whole price ... a fistful of Euros ... ;) Unfortunately I hold it unscrewed now, because I couldn't get new replacement skin in Istanbul last year. They told me, that's an old unusual size. Actually I have one skin left, but I'm afraid that I should not go to break it next time!

Title: Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: bsfloyd on August 11, 2019, 09:17:04 AM
Hello dHuGo !

I will do a forum search for those comparison / argument threads...

Mine is very lightweight too, which I admit to liking.  I also like the exposed tuning system.  I read some older threads that people did not like the exposed tuning as they smash their hands, fingers, or knuckles on them.  I donít find any trouble with this personally.  I just keep the drum positioned in such a way that my hands fit just between the tuning lugs - no troubles.

As mentioned, mine was very inexpensive and Iím sure you know the minimal costs on this Zaza line.  I would like to get a bass dohola in one of these, I believe they are close to a 12Ē head.  Mid-East drums makes them.  One day I will get an Emin of one of these.  I would get the Turkish style of his over the Egyptian style as I already have very nice Egyptian style drums.

I assume yours was made and purchased in Turkey?  Is it a branded name or a custom maker?  Itís a shame you canít find a head for it now.  Have you looked up the Drum Doctor?  I noticed he is a member here and also has a website.  Perhaps he can help you out in re-skinning it...
Title: Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: drtom on August 16, 2019, 11:18:25 AM
My ears were burning!  Had to check in. ;D

I would very gladly heip dHuGo get his darbuka skinned bsfloyd.  It may not be practical to get the drum to me and back though.

I do know someone who has thousands of darbuka skins in storage and may actually have one that would work.
Title: Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: dHuGo on August 19, 2019, 03:23:33 AM
Hello dears,
nice to see your lovely comments. - Yes, I like my drum, since I did my first steps in Darbouka playing on it. I think I had lot useful experience of. As very lightweightened thing it tended to go away under my heavy Conga-like strokes. I had to do a lot adjusting my playing position all time and learning to play from the wrists (and all that Snap-stuff too)!

So, bsfloyd, when I hear, you can play over the edge without problem, I'm glad - you got it already, position and doing all from wrists. Respect!

drtom, I'm not looking for a new skin now for some reasons:
1. Tuning system. Rings of casted Aluminium aren't plane. It didn't matter a lot, when I divided Doums and Taks only. But now I've hold much better drums and like modulations of my tones. - I'm looking for a method leveling the rings!
2. Skin is still good. - I'd prefere to have a spare, so the measures are 20,4 cm the inner diameter 21,6 cm the outer one. Total height is about 15 mm (after some years), the pressed ring has 7 mm. Thanks for any advice!
3. I'm thinking on trying something new. I've heard some guys prefare X-ray-films on Bongos as the Macho's head. I'd like to do something like this with my Darbouka!
4. Priority is on learning to play my Riq now. Since I'm not professional I can do only a few exercises a week. ...and the Riq has endless possibilities to taste...!!!
Title: Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
Post by: bsfloyd on August 21, 2019, 06:31:22 PM
Ah, the Riq!!!  Such a lovely instrument!  Do keep us informed of your progress :)