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Ethnic Musical Instruments
« on: June 11, 2016, 11:40:32 AM »
Ethnic Music Shop” has been founded by Ethno-musicologist Dr. Farhad shidfar, PhD of musicology and music theories from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and located at a central place in Besiktas-Istanbul since 2006. Mr. Hooshang Samani a well-known Iranian specialist of ethnic music instrument in several Middle Eastern and Middle Asian countries like, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. is the manager director of

With a fair knowledge in ethnic music, we are honoured to offer you one of the best and trustful place of selling ethnic music instruments and related products and services with the reasonable prices as we access directly to the most famous instrument makers especially in Middle Eastern and Middle Asian countries. We offer free worldwide shipping of all of our products for our customers.

Ethnic Music Shop” is one of the best and trusted wholesalers and retailers of ethnic music instruments, related products & services based in Istanbul as a music company since 2006.
Our shipping for everywhere is totally free.