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Well Folks,

A few days ago I asked about a vintage darbuka, and you don't seem to know much about that.  Maybe you can tell me something about the following doumbek:

Hi dear, I'd guess its origin is Turkey. - Some years ago when I was just looking for a good and cheap professional-like doumbek for me as a beginner I had a look on some handcraftet turkish copper darbukas wich copied Egyptian shape but not really... They were to buy in small music shops and probably made by local manufacturers. Don't know any name or adress.

If you are looking for new skin, I have bad news. - I found not any fitting part to my old turkish one in Istanbul last September. Simply they changed its traditional measures to more compatible ones.

Thanks dHuGo.  I would have guessed Turkish too, because it's copper and the decorations.

This drum is interesting to me, because it uses the collar and internal bolts like Egyptian style doumbeks do.  The edge is not rounded like Egyptian style doumbeks, though.  The drum is flat at the top and has more of a sharp edge like Turkish style darbukas.  The drum seems to be a hybrid of the Egyptian style and Turkish style.

I didn't even try to find a replacement head.  What I did was mount a goat skin on a flesh ring.  Worked great!

Nice work, really!


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