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Title: We found the Remo doumbeks..
Post by: stfenylucky on October 13, 2015, 05:50:50 AM
Remo doumbek has even been sure to offer some different shapes. These drums are good beginner drums because they are easy to play and they don't require a great deal of articulate skill to make a decent sound. They have nice, full and deep bass tones and somewhat rounded, almost muted treble tones. So on the good side, you'll have a decent, lightweight drum that can withstand abuse, make good sound, and not require heavy skills to play. Plus they're great for the slower, more atmospheric passages because their sustain is long and smooth. They're great in studio applications too, due to their even tones.
My question is When is Remo going to start putting more professional looking finishes on their drums?
Title: Re: We found the Remo doumbeks..
Post by: Hilda on October 14, 2015, 06:12:54 AM
Greeting,the best one spouse to be made out of ceramic,or metals,but beside the shells there are several features which putting it together, would give quality to the instruments,(skin,configuration,the rod tuning system,the thickness of the shells,etc).
Title: Re: We found the Remo doumbeks..
Post by: Kalasinar on October 14, 2015, 10:13:31 AM
Thanks for posting your impression on Remo darbukas. I've been curious about them but have never been able to try one myself to see what warrants their high price tag. Searching online i've found a drum shop in London that appear to stock them, so next time i'm travelling through London i'll likely stop by and try them out. Personally i don't mind the looks of Remo drums, though i think something more demure or elegant would be nice...