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Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Oud, Ney, and Darbuka
« on: September 08, 2019, 07:50:43 PM »
That’s awesome you are able to visit such places on your holidays!  I am in envy as my holidays usually end up working around the house. 

This is great information, I will look that up on YouTube.  Frame Drums are rather nice to me actually!  They are some of the most earliest percussion instruments.  I have been longing for a Tar.... :)

Hello barryallen and welcome to the forums!!

I remember seeing that app and thought it was kinda cool.  Though I mainly use and like Darbuka Rhythms by Artem Uzunov, but it’s not fully free.

Again, welcome!!

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Re: Oud, Ney, and Darbuka
« on: September 03, 2019, 06:06:19 PM »
Hello dHuGo - thank you for the links!  Yes, I am very well aware of the Arab Instrument Team videos of this topic and very much enjoy to listen to them.  I was just hoping to be able to find some CD’s that I can listen to in my car.  I know the Team from Sons De’ Lorient have some similar videos as well.

The second link you provided is very lovely duo music of Ney and Oud (very traditional it appears), but is missing one instrument, lol.  I am hoping to find a trio in CD format - which I know even CD’s is becoming more and more rarely listened to with all the digital download these days.  Ha, to show my age I still remember my 8-Track collection 😀

Darbuka Sound & Video Clips / Oud, Ney, and Darbuka
« on: August 28, 2019, 05:50:15 PM »
So, I could have posted this in any of the sub forums here, but seeing how darbuka is my main instrument I chose here.

I am looking for recordings, CD’s of the classic trio of Oud, Ney, and Darbuka.  Do any exist?  I love the simple yet elegant sound of these three instruments together and would love to purchase some CD’s of this.


Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
« on: August 21, 2019, 06:31:22 PM »
Ah, the Riq!!!  Such a lovely instrument!  Do keep us informed of your progress :)

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:17:04 AM »
Hello dHuGo !

I will do a forum search for those comparison / argument threads...

Mine is very lightweight too, which I admit to liking.  I also like the exposed tuning system.  I read some older threads that people did not like the exposed tuning as they smash their hands, fingers, or knuckles on them.  I don’t find any trouble with this personally.  I just keep the drum positioned in such a way that my hands fit just between the tuning lugs - no troubles.

As mentioned, mine was very inexpensive and I’m sure you know the minimal costs on this Zaza line.  I would like to get a bass dohola in one of these, I believe they are close to a 12” head.  Mid-East drums makes them.  One day I will get an Emin of one of these.  I would get the Turkish style of his over the Egyptian style as I already have very nice Egyptian style drums.

I assume yours was made and purchased in Turkey?  Is it a branded name or a custom maker?  It’s a shame you can’t find a head for it now.  Have you looked up the Drum Doctor?  I noticed he is a member here and also has a website.  Perhaps he can help you out in re-skinning it...

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Egyptian style vs. Turkish style darbuka
« on: August 09, 2019, 05:29:43 PM »
Hello gang.  With the recent spam activity going on lately (sorry, I’m married and have no interest in dating sites), I thought I’d start an actual darbuka thread up.

So, other than the obvious the skin reaches the edge of the drum and tuning lugs exposed, what other characteristics separate the Turkish style to Egyptian style darbuka?  I do have one Turkish style Zaza percussion drum but it is a low cost instrument - though it sounds surprisingly great for the money I paid for it.  I noticed the shell is much, much thinner than the GEF and Savvas Egyptian style darbuka I have.  What other characteristics are different?  I would love to be able to afford an Emin Turkish style drum (they sure are purty!), but not just yet.

So, what do you think?  What do you like or dislike about the two different style?

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Darbuka newbie - *Mod: Buy a Darbuka
« on: August 06, 2019, 05:20:08 PM »
No thank you  :o

Sorry guys - I’ve been off the grid since my last post.  We just moved houses and we are still waiting for WiFi hook up.  I happened to be on a local hot spot right now.

Glad to hear you are getting your new Remo head worked out, Oz!.  Seems like some nice folks at AI.  I need to buy my next drum from them :)

I'm thinking it slips as I tighten the screws. Though it has the same tension problems in the same place each time. Any more suggestions please? Thanks.

Hello Oz - I just wanted to confirm one more thing.  When you say slips, are you referring to the head slipping or the screws slipping?  If you are referring to the head, as mentioned above please confirm the head diameter.  I just visited the Remo website and I see they offer 4 different sizes for their darbuka / doumbek Skyndeep head - 8.0”, 8.625”, 8.75”, and 9.0”.  Looking at the Darbuka Planet website, they show that the GEF standard metal sombati drums have a 9.0” head, but I would double check this - lay the new head directly over the old head and see if the two are indentical in diameter.

Then, there is always a chance that the new Remo head could just be a dud.  I have encountered bad Remo drum kit heads from time to time.  They are mass produced.  I wish Evans would make darbuka heads.  I have a feeling they might be slightly better than Remo if they did.

Now, if the screws are slipping this would be a completely different issue.  However, seeing how you just removed them not long ago to replace the old head, I doubt this is the case.

Please report back confirming the above - I’m sure we can find the problem between the three of us :)

Oh, just thought of one more thing to ask - do you have the screws bottom’d out on the drum?  Meaning are they screwed all the way in to the point they can’t go down any further?  Does the rim fully touch the body of the drum?  In normal conditions there should be a slight gap between the rim and the body.

Just to confirm, is the new Remo head the correct size?  I know Remo makes a few diameters of the Skyndeep - just wanted to confirm it is the same size as the old head.

@bsfloyd, a GeF?!? - So you made it...! :)

Ha ha, sure did!  Just received it a short while ago.  And, for Father’s Day I was gifted a Savvas Black Widow from the wonderful family :). Two wonderful drums!!

@ Oz, please let us know how you make out with dHuGo’s tip...

Hello Oz and welcome to the forums!!

Did you mark with tape or the like where the rim and body were so that when assembled again it would be the same?  Some drums have issues if they are not aligned back up, some don’t.

Are any of the screws stripped out?  I wonder why some screws are higher than the others.  On my classic GEF, there is a very slight gap between the rim and body - I have it tuned pretty high.  It has a Remo orange swirl head on it.  I like the head but I’m considering a Skyndeep or Renaissance.

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Darbuka newbie - *Mod: Buy a Darbuka
« on: June 29, 2019, 03:43:22 PM »
Just curious, why is Emin Darbuka so expensive??  ???

Hello zippo and welcome!!  The Emin instruments look to be made to the finest details and the construction of them look very nice.  However, without having the opportunity to play them first hand, I cannot say why they are priced the way they are.  I do believe the fact that they are made one by one and by hand has a strong factor in the price.  Have a look at Savvas percussion and the wooden Hubb drums - all a good amount more than other drums.

Hello Sailbum and welcome to the forums!!!

Crap, I posted a reply with more explanations but it didn’t go through because another post was coming through while I was typing it.  Maybe it will still show up later - hopefully.  If not, I will type it up again at a later time as I’m rather tight on time right now.

Nonetheless, wanted to give you a welcome!!

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