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Beginner question


I'm a beginner. I've been practicing for 2-3 month, trying to play all the notes on the low octave, both on Kiz and Supurde neys.
On the Supurde, I'm almost there, still struggling sometimes with Rast position.
On the Kiz, I can hardly play down to Dukah, on a good day…
Should I keep trying the Kiz (it's very frustrating), or move on with the Supurde?
If I continue with Supurde, won't it be very hard to play the Kiz in the future?

Meanwhile I took a lesson with a great teacher (who plays and teaches the Arabic style).
He said that I shouldn't worry and choose the easiest Ney to start with.
What a relief.
I chose the supurde.

Hi, that's good news!
I'm not familiar with neys, but I am drumming several drums. The experience differs on every instrument.

When I have to learn a difficult part sometimes it's useful to begin as simple as possible and after first success change to more difficult instrument. It's not that frustrating.

I started on sol ney.  When I could consistently get sound from lowest rast I purchased a longer ney (yildiz) and it was almost like starting over - I could not get lower than cargah for several days.  Very frustrating!  Now I can get to rast on yildiz (with some effort).  Practicing on the yildiz makes sol ney very easy by comparison in the lowest register.  Maybe it is good to have two neys, one for pain and one for pleasure.  If only one ney I concur:  select an easier ney.


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