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Hello Guys,

I have been training my personal brand new ney for some times, as well as We question that will be the easiest way personally to create improvement. :D :D :D

That maqams will be much more suited to newbies?
(I have been improvising upon hijaz as well as nakriz. These people seem excellent! )#) 8) 8) 8)

Additionally, that music can you suggest?

Thanks all.


As a beginner of ney flute this post is very effective for me. :) :)

I wants to learn more from you soon. >:( >:(


hey guys, we will very soon upload a short rast tutorial, and we actually plan to go through more maqams.
hicaz and nikriz are a whole wonderfull world!  try the nikriz pesrev, its one of my favorites.

Hi Niri,
even if I prefer to do percussion I very like your demonstrations and explanations. It's most instructive - I'm new in Arabic music and I've got a a good starting point for coming closer with original rhythm and melodic patterns.

you are most gracious, thank you!


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