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Title: Origin of Ney
Post by: mess on December 07, 2015, 10:09:45 AM
Want to know about origin of Ney? Here it is.
The origin of the word "ney" dates back many years ago. In Sumerian culture, it is known that the ney came from the family of a wind instrument named "na." Na used to be made from cane. The person who plays the ney is called "nayi" in Arabic and "neyzen" in Farsi. The history of the neyzen is associated with the "Mevlevi" order since it is considered as a sacred instrument among Mevlevi sects.

The ney has become the most important instrument, not only in Sufism, but also in other Turkish music genres. Rumi was the first known neyzen, and Kutbün nayi Hamza Dede was the head of Rumi's dervishes.

Devastating !! Isn't it? 8)
Title: Re: Origin of Ney
Post by: mess on December 07, 2015, 10:15:27 AM
For playing...... ::)

To play any musical instrument you need some extreme motivational force for that. In other words, it is hard to play a musical instrument at the first time. More works should be done for that as well. I think that playing an instrument is similar to learning a language. Every language has its own difficulties. Therefore, it is hard to say that playing a shrill pipe is more difficult than playing the ney. There are different physical characteristics required to play an instrument. For instance, it is important to have thin fingers to play the classical kemancha. On the other hand, it is necessary to have thick lips to play the ney. As seen in language training, regular practice is important in playing an instrument.

The training period of an instrument usually takes at least five to six years, depending on ability and competence. Now take a look at that and start learning.