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Title: Parsian Ney Lesson
Post by: White Bear on January 20, 2016, 12:47:03 AM
My sister lives in Istanbul. She is desperatly seeking for someone who could give her lessons or at least advice to begin with Persian ney not Turkish or Arabic, she has solid knowledge of music theory and have a long piano experience but is a beginner when it comes to ney. If you know such a person, please PM me and I'll forward the info to my sis. Thanks.

Any suggestion is appreciated.
Title: Re: Parsian Ney Lesson
Post by: Solo on January 20, 2016, 12:52:34 AM
Hi, Great to see your sisters interest in Ney. Although I do not know any ney player in Istanbul, but i've been sitting at Hossein Omoumi ney class 3 hours every weeks for 3 years so i may give you some clue. (i don't play the ney, i can make the sound and play a scale)

She has to put the ney in between the first and second upper teeth and manage to make the sound.
( from the same position you may have one note, the octave plus one octave and a fith according to the way you blow)
There's no trick, just try and try...according to Omoumi it takes between 3 weeks and 2 years to make the first sound.
She has to focus on blowing the air on one point, just where the ney touches the teeth.
The tongue is rounded in the mouth so the tip is touching the upper part of the ney.
The air is blowed over the tongue.

She will find the notes very easily, the last note(B) is missing in the first octave, that's way one can hear most of the players switching to the second octave when the have to play it.
Omoumi ad a horn key to feel the gap.
Unfortunately i have lost most the recorded tapes i had from the class....

Omoumi has learned by himself many years before he went to see Hassan Kassā'i, but he never was a regular student.
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Title: Re: Parsian Ney Lesson
Post by: hylian_shieldmaiden on January 20, 2016, 11:33:54 AM
I'm learning to play Arabic nay and live in Canada, so I don't know about instructors in Turkey, but I've seen a lot of videos about how to play Persian nay on YouTube, so your sister could check there. I just checked Google and found this website that has some instruction on Persian nay , and there are probably more websites available for her to look at until she can find an instructor :)