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I've recently learned how to produce all the notes in second(most comfortable for me) register, but now i've encountered a problem.
I have an A Mansur ney, and when i try to play note A by closing all the holes exept the lowest i get Bb, i measure it by comparing with guitar note and with chromatic
tuner. I tried to bend it by changing head position, but couldn't go farther then 1\4 tone.

Is my ney badly tuned? And what notes should i get on A Mansur ney naturally, just closing holes one by one? I've tried looking for this info on the net, but every source
seems so cryptic to a western-trained musician like me  :( Some people refer only to arabic names of notes, which ring no bell to me, other make overcomplicated finger charts which leave a lot of questions, for example why thumb hole is always closed etc.

Anyone to help a confused soul? :)

ok anton, we come to the rescue
so, the notes on mansur should should like this:
6 holes closed (from the top, down) - sol/G - known as rast
5 holes closed - la/A - dugah
4 holes closed - si bemol/Bb - kurdi
3 holes closed - si coma/B (with a notch down) - segah
2 holes closed - do/C - chargah
1 hole closed - do#/C# - hicaz
0 holes closed - re/D - neva

if your mansur sounds on second position (5 holes closed) Bb than its not tuned.  especialy if all the rest are pitch tuned

Thanks you very much for help Niri!

I have just checked, and it seems like every note on my ney sound around 3\4 semitone higher then it should...

I play persian ney, and with persian technique i can vary every note within one tone with my lip, but i can only slightly change pitch
with arabian ney technique.

It means my ney is just badly tuned? Maybe i can fix it somehow? I have Alsaid Bayomy ney, i got it from AI.

I also tried playing guitar along with your arabic ney improvisation video, and it seems to me that your ney is also not precisely tuned,
i might be mistaken though...Turkish ney sounded very well-pitched on your other video. I really like how you play btw :)

ok, that explains it
if one hole was out of tune than yes- the flute is bad, but if the whole ney is low or high that means your blowing is different from the maker's - which is very reasonable.  turkish ney makers often make their neys low because they blow very very strong.  the arab ney makers tend to blow much lighter so with normal blow the pitch can go high... that means you have a good blow :)
thanx vey much for the kind words btw!


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