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Suggestions and wishes for plastic neys


Hello! I wanted to share my suggestions and wishes on plastic neys, i recently recieved my kiz ney and i'm very happy with it(i left a review on it's page).

1. It would be great to have Yildiz ney on sale too!

2. It would be nice to have sets of plastic neys on sale, say set of five, from A to E. I'd gladly buy a set of well-tuned plastic neys for all difficult life situations.

3. Quality baspare for sale. It's easy to fit arabic ney with it, so i think it'd make sence to sell them separately. Also what would be really great is baspares made of olive wood, or horn etc.

4. Different paint colors for different size neys just because it's fancy!  ;D

Thanks Niri for your work!


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