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a new ney video and a basic ney tutorial


Hey everyone, my name is NIRI and im glad to have posted a new video for arab instruments website demonstrating our Neys. you will find it here:

and a new tutorial (which is VERY rare in the net) here:

Enjoy, and i hope to get your responses and questions if you want to share!

These are really interesting videos! To start off, I had no idea you don't play the ney by placing it in front but you need to tilt it to the side. Yup, this is all new to me :) Got any other videos to share? :)

Abdullah Xavier:
Hello Niri, itís really a pleasure watching these videos, I must say that I found them so unique and interesting, I love watching these types of videos, but this was very unique and most important it taught me something very unique and new that I always enjoy learning.

guys its such a treat to here you say warm words!  thanx so much!
this internal research is endless and we can teach each other so much!

I'm really enjoying this video, the playing is absolutely haunting.

I'm not that familiar with arab scales, does anyone know what the closest western scale is called? The wikipedia page talked about this not generally being a chromatic instrument but it didn't go into detail on the intervals used in the scale.


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