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I am new to the ney and I have a Kiz tune.

I am only able to make a clear tune with the top two holes covered. When I cover more holes, I cannot produce a tune. Sometimes it sounds horrible and not a tune at all.

Can somebody please tell me why I cannot produce a tune with more holes covered?
How can I produce a tune?
Are different blowing techniques needed?

Thanks, I hope these questions make sense

Hello Vincent,
your problem seems to be relatively widespread...

look, i.e.
Topic: Beginner question

I'm not practicing Ney or any flute, but from my experience as a singer I'd guess that your difficulties are caused by the way you're breathing. - You need a deep breath to fill a longe tube with. Your breathing should start from your diaphragm as minimum. And be careful, closing your throat you might cut any resonance off your sounds.

For some further information:
The Turkish Ney F.A.Q. by Fabio Pellegrini

 Very much obliged for your answer. I knew this ney would be difficult, but I needed somebody to tell me my practice is not in vain. Good links too.

Vincent - minute changes in embouchure, angle and force of breath will alter the tone and can keep the sound from coming altogether.  One other factor to check:  your fingers.  Tiny leaks in the seal can be difficult to detect but will definitely sabotage your sound.  I discovered that with both hands I had a habit of flexing my middle finger slightly when I lowered my ring finger.  Hence, the transition from cargah to segah and the transition from dugah to rast would find me failing to produce a sound.  Lower tones are more challenging so I blamed my mouth for some time before discovering my fingers were the culprit.

I think the learning curve for ney is extremely steep at the start.  If you can get cargah from a relatively long ney like kiz you have already made great progress.  There is a great beginner plan in Turkish and English here:

Keep blowing!  :)


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