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hey guys
so, just to clear some of the confusion about ney tuning.
when you close all 6 holes and blow a low note - that note is called "rast". when you close 5 holes and open the furthest one from you - that note is called "dugah".
now lets deal with ney sizes and names:
when we take a western tuner, blow the "dugah" note and the tuner shows "La" - we are playing in a "mansur" ney, which is also "concert" tuning.
if the tuner will shoe "Si" - we play "kiz" ney
if the tuner will show "re" - we play "superde" ney
and if the tuner will show "mi" - we play "bolahenk" ney

for more info - just ask!
have a great week

The plastic ney you call supurde (Re) bayat is the same as in arabic is called Dukhah ney?
Thank you



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