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Ziad Rajab CD info needed


Has anyone heard the latest Ziad Rajab CD, "The Long Trail of Immigration", released in 2011? (See http://ziad.gr/?page_id=41&lang=en)

It seems to only be available by emailing Mr Rajab himself.

Best wishes

Big Boss:
After listening to the streaming versions of Rajab's music, I tried to order the CD, only to find that (as David noted a couple of years ago).
I sent him an email and he responded quickly by putting a copy of the CD in the mail from his home in Thessaloniki. It arrived this morning and I've been listening to it non-stop since then. It is an amazing set of songs showing the range, beauty, and power of Rajab's composition and performance.
I am waiting to hear from Rajab to find out how much he'd like me to transfer into his PayPal account. (He sent the CD without any payment from me.)
If you like what you hear at http://ziad.gr/en/discography_pages/ziad_rajab_the_long_trail_of_im...
then you should go to his contact page and send Rajab a request: http://ziad.gr/en/ziad_rajab_contact.html

ashiq mehedi:
Do you look for it?


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