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Title: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: proms on April 09, 2015, 02:49:13 AM
I think there is something very important that many of us oud players don't even think about anymore! Posture. Posture is important when playing the oud, if you're not relaxed and comfortable, you risk getting tires and sore.

So, here's the right posture for playing the oud:
1. back straight and shoulders even & relaxed;
2. the oud should be held with it's length parallel to he floor, don't lean it forward or back;
3. place your right arm on the strings, starting just above the middle of the oud's base.

That's it. That's the correct way to hold & play the oud!
Title: Re: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: Brick on April 09, 2015, 03:08:31 AM
Actually, not all great oud players have the same posture. If you look at Yorgos Batzanos, Farid el Atrache, Serif Muhiddin Targan or others, you'll see they have different 'styles' of holding the oud. Plus, some notes actually require you to lean over the instrument. But the tips you shared are absolutely helpful nevertheless.
Title: Re: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: MisterK007 on April 10, 2015, 04:58:00 AM
I am SURE this video will help all beginner make an idea about what an oud is made of and how to correctly hold it :)

The guy also explains how to hold the pick and a couple of other things beginners might find useful.
Title: Re: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: music_fan_23 on April 11, 2015, 05:06:19 AM
^ Thanks, man! That's actually a very informative video!
I'm still learning myself and without a teacher... well, it's pretty difficult to learn how to play the oud the correct way...
Title: Re: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: 4our on April 13, 2015, 05:01:14 AM
Posture is very important. It may not seem like it, especially because not all oud players have the same posture while playing, but if you're not comfortable, you risk getting tired real easy!
Title: Re: Lesson 1: posture
Post by: Abdul raheem on May 07, 2015, 04:57:18 PM
When it comes to playing Oud, itís every little thing that can make the difference. Itís very important to be in the right Posture, as its massive help in playing it well. You have made really valid points, itís important to be relaxed and let the worry of world go out of our head.