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Which oud sound do you like best?


I was browsing though this website and stumbled upon the oud sound videos. I haven't listened to all of them yet, I was looking for the sound of the electric oud (I'm really curious about that one!) and, so far, I like this one best:

But, again, I still have a few more oud videos to browse through :D

What's everyone's favorite, by the way?

Is this the electric oud? I'd be very curious to hear how the electric oud sounds like. I always thought these instruments were meant to make, let's call it, classical music, and then I saw the electric oud (on the main website) and I have to say, I was stunned :D

I like all of them!
However, I'm not ready to buy one just yet... I would need to raise enough money first and then figure out how on earth am I going to learn how to play it! haha!


I love Arabic Oud Sound. The Arabic Oud is the most romantic sounding of all the Oud types. It has a deep, round, and well-balanced sound. The highest strings cut through and stick out through an ensemble, and the bass strings give a nice smooth rumble. It typically features shorter sustain. The Oud may be ornate or simple. There is a lot of variation in style and design in these Ouds, but the bowl shape is large and round creating a deep mellow tone. The pegs are the same as all Ouds, friction style similar to Violin pegs. Most models now hold five double course nylon strings with a single low bass string for a total of 11 strings. It is possible to find 10 string Ouds and 12, but 11 string is the norm.


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