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Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: The Perfect Set
« on: May 05, 2015, 09:52:40 PM »
Thatís really good mate, itís great to gift something like this, as this is a very unique and rarely seen item, so giving a gift like that is surely winning yourself  a lot of appreciation, I want to have it but itís too expensive for me, itís no doubt really high quality, but I canít afford it.

For me it was all in family, as my Father is really passionate about these instruments, so every sat/sun I use to learn, it was at very young age that I started getting fascinated by it and now we both play it together and I really enjoy it!

Ney, Kawala Lovers / Re: How difficult is it to play the ney?
« on: May 05, 2015, 09:47:02 PM »
Starting is always difficult, but if you are passionate then you will slowly but surely feel good, itís not too difficult once you start learning. When I started I thought it is too difficult, but as I played it for few days and after that I really enjoyed it, so itís just the starting phase which is difficult.

The obvious difference is in sound as with Kawala, itís on the louder side while with Ney, itís light yet has very pleasing sound. There is no question both are excellent, but Ney is definitely my favorite as it sounds much better to hears then a Kawala.

Hello Niri, itís really a pleasure watching these videos, I must say that I found them so unique and interesting, I love watching these types of videos, but this was very unique and most important it taught me something very unique and new that I always enjoy learning.

The range is so wide that you will be surprised; it is all very similar beside the sounds as that is very different from each and there are different ways they make it.I mostly prefer to have the smallest because it has pure sound, if you go with big they donít sound that great.

To be fair itís not exactly the case as I have seen many males doing that, so itís just about what one is more attached to, as it is mention by Molly that they are able to handle it much better, so thatís why you mostly see them playing the frame drums.

Darbuka Teachers & Lessons / Re: Need lessons for a darbuka!
« on: May 05, 2015, 09:33:19 PM »
Most people already have answer what I would have suggest, as itís obvious that YouTube is the best station to learn since there are some really wonderful tutorials not just for Doumbek but even for Darbuka, I will try to search it for you, but there are many available.

Are you serious? I mean you are at the best site to learn from and you asking where? I think you will find everything here, I donít mean by exact lesson but there are excellent suggestions, tips and even links where you can learn from.

I donít know the exact figure but I feel there are many and itís impossible to even remember all those, I have learned Split Finger technique from YouTube and there are many more, but I find it very tough to remember all, so I just focus on one.

Yeah there are a lot of girls that I know who loves playing Darbuka, but obviously they are not expert, itís just about passion so thatís why there are few woman doing it and more males, but seriously you canít put it to fingers, as even I have got small fingers yet I love it!

To be honest even I am not exactly aware of the meaning as we often just talk about different type of Darbuka and such stuff, but we hardly talk about the meaning of these words. It does look like an Arabic word, so I guess only a senior can help us in this.

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