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This is really magnificent mate, it makes me really proud after watching the video, I feel this is great for motivation and we can learn so much from it, so Itís really awesome to be aware of this technique and that really help us improve upon the way we play it.

Oud Lovers / Re: Our Egyptian oud
« on: May 09, 2015, 05:48:15 PM »
Wow this is mouth-watering detail, I am definitely looking to purchase this but I want to know whether we can skip the case, I have already got one old cases, so I am just seeking a good Oud, but I am not required to have any case, as I already have one.

Yes, I have done it as itís extremely exciting but of course itís difficult and I was not able to do it alone, I did it with help of my Father, so doing it all on your own self is not an easy task to handle.

I think protection is must and thatís where the role of case is so important, it is not seen as too valuable and I often find people just purchasing Oud without case and thatís the worst thing to do, I believe if we have the right case then it wonít create problem even with humidity.

Itís common sense only that cases makes absolutely no difference, it does not matter if we are using hard case or not because all are same like Spinny said, but one thing is true that when we are going outside the country then itís better to have hard case, it can save it from any kind of damage.

This problem happens but very rarely, it is usually with old Oud, but if you have just got brand new or less than 1-2 year then itís a serious issue, as itís not easy to fix this as I have hardly seen it fixed.

Yes, itís completely possible but I will strictly suggest you never to do it. I believe that doing this will make it worst as Lilyana already mention it, so better not to use guitar pegs on Oud, but then itís your personal decision and I am just giving my view.

It does not be a major concern, but it does hint towards  strings, it is now rather you are using it for too long 3-4 years or you have got a low quality one, so you can to get it replaced completely or at least change the strings.

Offline itís nearly impossible to get any education related to major instruments like Oud, but as said by Abdul Raheem, itís right to search online; it is easy to go with YT, but at the same time you can search on Google too and that can give you fair amount of idea.

It is dependent on various factors, if we are using it very often then we will require it to change frequently, but if we donít use it often then even 2-3 years once will be more than good, I believe it is also down to quality which will make the difference.

My collection is zero as far Darbuka is concerned, I am more a guitar type of person, but my father has a big selection which includes many Darboka and even the great Mother Pearl Darboka, so thatís fascinating and I wish that I can have such wonderful collection.

Both are decent but I would go with Aluminum as said by many when the size is bigger, itís much better to have Aluminum Darbuka, but rest depend on personal liking as my friends prefer Copper more, as they have been using it since their childhood days.

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