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Itís my hobby to play Darbuka, but I am no professional, so I wonít pay such a big amount to learn. In this money I can get a latest model Darbuka and itís not any rocket science to play it, so definitely not going to pay this amount just to learn and please tell me do they only teach you Darbuka or is it complete course?

No, I donít really find it much difficult especially because of seen that for many years now. All my friends have Turkish drums, so I find it very easy to play it, but it could be different for people with less experience. Hylian I could be wrong but I have seen ones without any rim, so donít know if we can really remove it or not? But I have seen it.

My own personal experience of playing has been just few months, but I have been watching my friends play it for years been the youngster I never tried it. Now I am really looking forward to a long career, I am not looking to be a professional but this is my hobby!

Obviously itís not normal to hear that sort of sound, but itís not something to be hugely concerned about, it can be okay to work with that as you wonít be finding any trouble in playing, but obviously if you can get it fixed then itís great.

Buy & Sell Oud / Re: What to look for when buying an Oud?
« on: May 17, 2015, 05:12:21 PM »
I donít have any experience in purchasing these so thatís why I mostly take my friend who is very experience with me if I ever need to purchase anything. At the moment I donít have Oud but I do have Darbuka which I purchased with my friends guide.

This happens if we are careless because we should never keep it in such places, if we want to keep it in good conditions. I think itís just about common sense that no instrument no matter how it is build will stay good in humidity, so itís sensible not to keep it on such places.

No, itís not needed at all, I believe itís just show off for big players to have good attractive cases, but as a normal person we just need to have a decent sizeable case and rest is really not a massive difference at all.

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Darbuka Band - Will you take a part?
« on: May 17, 2015, 04:57:55 PM »
If I wish it was that easy to establish a band, as itís not just about players but having mastery over all instruments since we can be expecting everyone to be good at just Darbuka and not have any clue about others, it will never make a good band.

Doumbek, Darbuka Lovers / Re: Is it worth to be a darbuka player?
« on: May 17, 2015, 04:54:58 PM »
Yes, it is worth but we need to be really good at it, i have a friend who gets salary of 1k for every play and usually he has to do 5-6 plays a month, so he is pretty happy with what he is getting, but not everyone can get this much right away.

Itís obvious that you canít be learning exactly from Guitar teacher, as itís common sense that you donít drive train because you know how to drive a car, as itís obviously different thing, but it has some key things which are same, so you can learn the basic stuff but not the real part.

All the teachers and people that I have ask for some tip they always tell me to practice is the key and that makes me perfect, but there are many times where I feel no different at all with practice, so is it really true that practice makes perfect or is it just common thing to say?

This is not really my own view, but my friend says that I play very well when I am in positive mood and equally poor when I am in sad mood, so my question is that is it just me or mood has effect on everyone?

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