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Buy & Sell Darbuka / Re: How can i sell second hand Darbuka?
« on: June 26, 2015, 02:34:42 AM »

You can sell your second hand Darbuka in various ways. You can buy it through this forum or you can add this on various selling websites.

For selling second hand Darbuka you have to mentioned the price, warranty, troubles of it etc. :D :D :D



There are many ways to learn Darbuka. You can learn it from reading different lessons on online. You also get help from youtube. :D :D

Please see the video to learn Darbuka. Hope it will be useful for you. :) :)

Thanks. 8) 8)

Buy & Sell Darbuka / Re: Advice on buying my first doumbek
« on: June 26, 2015, 02:22:44 AM »

Thanks a lot for your advice and tips. I am also looking to buy the doumbek/darbuka drum intended for Arabian songs. :) :)

 My budget is  $200 for buying a variety doumbek with this design. >:( >:(

So really a informative post. ;D ;D


There are various sorts of Doumbek. These are played in various manners.  :) :)

The doumbek played in Arabic language countries such as Iraq (that is not Iran), Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and so on... is called darbuka and is somehow different from the Persian doumbek (tonbak). :D :D


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