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Hello Dear,

There is no restrictions or time binding for practicing Darbuka regularly. It depends on your time management. It is known that mostly 1.30 minutes and 2 hours is enough for practicing a day. While you will start practice you should be careful and fresh mind. If you want to practice it professionally or want to be expert in Darbuka playing you must follow this.

How much time you spend for practicing Darbuka regularly?
Do you spend more and more time to practice Darbuka regularly?

Be expert.........Be smart.........Love Darbuka........... :D :D :D

 Hi Friends,

Every instruments are found brand new & second hand in shopping mall and local market. I think that second hand Darbuka is very good for beginner because it is found at low cost so that it is used roughly. One of my friends had brought at $ 180 and he used it randomly. He brought a brand new Darbuka after practicing second hand Darbuka.

I think you should buy second hand Darbuka for practicing.
Are you want to buy brand new Darbuka or second hand Darbuka?

Best Wishes to you :) :) :)

Hey Guys,

I want to buy a Darbuka but I cant select any colour of Darbuka model. Which colour will be very good looking?

Would you please tell me about how many colours are found?
What colour will be the best for me to buy a Darbuka?

Hello Dear Friends,

I love music so much. Recently I decided to buy a Doumbek so that I can practice music. But I have no idea about it.

Can you help me for buying this product?
Where I will get these type of product?

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