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Darbuka Teachers & Lessons / Darbuka teaching lessons
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:45:35 AM »

Although the actual Darbuka includes a variety of shades, we are able to perform the majority of tempos as well as variants only using 4 of these.  :) :)

You might have noticed which if you're able to perform simply 3 or 4 acoustic guitar chords, you are able to perform each and every tune The actual Beatles actually authored!? It’s exactly the same along with Darbuka. :D :D

Such as the acoustic guitar, you can invest an eternity learning the actual device as well as there's a good limitless range associated with color as well as seem it may create (within the correct fingers), however, you may nevertheless possess unlimited enjoyable along with simply the fundamentals. 8) 8)

Be aware: To have an in-depth consider the Darbuka make sure you study ‘Fingers associated with Fury-Percussion from the Persia Globe as well as Past.  :( :(


Buy & Sell Darbuka / Advice on buying my first doumbek
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:39:28 AM »

I am looking to purchase the doumbek/darbuka drum intended for Arabian songs. I have carried out my personal research because greatest I will on the web, as well as I believe I will obtain a Gawharet El Enthusiast drum since many drummers appear to concur which this is actually the greatest you will get within the $200 variety with this design.

Nevertheless, even though I realize the actual variations within drum mind dimension, We do not understand the entire elevation variations. Appears like the conventional is all about seventeen in ., whilst an inferior dimension is about 12 in .. Exactly what distinction will the actual elevation help to make? :) :)

In the event that anybody may obvious this particular upward, that might be excellent.

Additionally, every other suggestions will be the majority of useful. Many thanks everyone! :D :D


Hi all,

We observe a lot of gamers perform the actual darbuka along with Arab-speaking songs.
 :) :)
I've in no way observed somebody perform the actual darbuka along with dancing songs or even home or membership songs.

Are you able to publish right here the movie associated with darbuka seem along with this sort of songs? ;) ;)
Do anybody do this prior to?

Thanks. 8) 8)


Darbuka or even Doumbek is definitely an asian tempo instrument :) :) :)

This particular software is really a darbuka-doumbek simulator. You'll appreciate whilst actively playing this particular unique device.
Your own small children will like their software! :D :D

 Perform Darbuka as well as all of them. This particular online game is going to be very first darbuka -- doumbek training of the child with regard to preschool. 8) 8)

This particular software may enhance tempo feeling associated with a person or even your own babies.


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