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Oud Lovers / Oud making site!
« on: January 24, 2016, 08:35:07 AM »
Hi Oud lovers,
 Do want to see, how an oud can be built?
See here. The domain is ""
It contains many links and a detailled online-documentation about oudmaking. I am a hobby-oudmaker, not yet very experienced, but I want to encourage all oud-friends to make their own ouds. I show the building of my third selfmade oud. It differs in many parts from the method, which is described in Richard Hankey´s book. The site is still only in German, but the pictures will be understood by anyone, I hope.
For all, who cannot read German, look directly here:
" "

The site is updated each 2-3 weeks, according to the progress in building.

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