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You must be talking about the buzzing of the strings, it often happens. Not all strings are good, so try installing a new set of strings, see if you still hear the buzzing.
Alternatively, it's possible your soundboard is distorted, which is fixable, if you find a luthier to help you out.

Oud Teachers & Lessons / Re: How to play chords on the oud
« on: April 18, 2015, 02:13:27 AM »
Thank you for sharing, Ron :) You didn't mention some important things though. First of all, this is in no way a traditional way to play the oud! And also, it's quite difficult to accurately play the chords, but it's fun, I'll give you that.

I agree with Lillyan, if you apply any kind of finish to the soundtable, you risk affecting the sound of your oud. Using shellac, lacquer and other finishes will damage the sound.

Oud Videos & Sound / Re: Have you ever composed a song on your own?
« on: April 01, 2015, 05:00:47 AM »
Oh... no, I've never done that. I do improvise sometimes, but I have never composed an entire song before.

Wow, that's amazing!
You guys really do a great job and the videos you post are very informative and fun to watch!

@spinny: I thought so too! Ceramics are the most "popular", but of course, there are some other good amterials that make a good darbuka!
Between copper or aluminium... I'd choose copper. But of course this is just a personal preference.

Oud Teachers & Lessons / Self teaching online resources?
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:17:10 AM »
I don't consider myself to be an expert at playing the oud, but I think that' with the right tools (tutorials and such), I could teach myself a lot of things when it comes to playing the oud!
Does anyone know any good online resources that I could use?

Just wondering if anyone else thought about installing guitar pegs on their oud. You know, the ones made out of metal. I did and, while it's a bit more difficult to tune the oud, I feel that they are more durable, as opposed to the wooden ones.

Did anyone else experience this?
I'm having some trouble controlling the resonance of my oud. I haven't been playing it for long, so I need some advice from you experts: is muting the low F string the correct way to decrease the resonance when I play my oud? It seems to work! But I was just wondering if this is the way to do it.

Introduce Yourself / Name's Andrew
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:03:31 AM »
Hello :)
I am Andrew, but my nickname is crazycam, as you all can see.
It's nice to be here!

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